Collection Management Assistant  

A software application and database designed specially for collection management and control of museum, corporate and other large collections of fine art and valuable objects.  The software consists of a multi-tiered structure along the lines of  an account, the inventory item and parts of that item. The inventory item (see and expand frame at right) holds multiple information regarding Condition, Provenance, Financial in sub-screens.
The data is held in Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle for secure environments or JET (Microsoft Access) for small collections.

  • Account Page - shows details of legal ownership - Trust etc, its local currency and the inventory items owned (see and expand frame at right).
  • Inventory Page - details of inventory item and parts of that item together with multiple images. There are sub-screens: Condition Provenance, Financial, On Loan and extensive Notes.
  • Works currently on Loan.
  • Movements - historical record of rehangs within the collection.
  • Digital Image capture - from camera or scanner, sizing and rotation.
  • Slide Show - shows selected images as full page image for review purposes.