Archives is a software business that possesses expertise in the handling of data and images on and off the Internet. Archives owns web servers which reside within FastHosts's Datacentre resulting in high speed links to the Internet backbone. We maintain private secure database files from which web pages can pull down information. We can create and host your own website or supply web pages that provide rich intra/extranet viewing from your existing site.

For the management task of maintaining accurate data and images, we can either supply the Assistant software range providing non-internet management of a local database, parts of which might be uploaded to or web pages that directly edit the Internet database. For example, a Fine Art storer might maintain an inventory data file on their local network but then upload relevant parts to be viewed on the Internet by their clients.

  • The Assistant range of software applications provide accurate information and image databases for curators, auctioneers, and fine art storage managers.
  • Collection Viewer is a demonstration Fine Art Collection Database.
  • We host a number of web sites written by ourselves on our own Web Server residing in the Fasthosts Datacentre. We write in Microsoft which has strong abilities in accessing data off Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle databases.
  • We also publish high quality illustrated Collection Books of Fine Art Collections.